Frequently Asked Questions for NPB Student Auditions

 Q: When are rehearsals going to be held?

A: Rehearsals will be held Saturdays 10am-4pm, with the possibility of Wednesday evenings for select roles. The 6 hour time block will be divided by role/scene. Daily technical rehearsals during the week leading up to the rehearsals are MANDATORY and are basically 4 dress-rehearsals at the theater in which the technical staff and crew need the entire cast present to ensure the technical aspects of the production run smoothly.

Q: I have a family vacation which will cause me to miss a rehearsal and a dance competition that will cause me to miss another one, can I still participate?
A: Yes, one or 2 misses that have been pre-approved is not a problem. Also, not every part will be called to rehearsal every day, so you may luck out and not be called on those days and not miss at all! The occasional absence is excused, but regular attendance should be a priority for anyone cast.  Also, certain “corps de ballet” roles have mandatory attendance on days the choreography is set and those days will be indicated on audition form.

Q. I’m not training en pointe, are there roles available that aren’t “kiddie parts”?
A; Yes! Although pointe training is highly recommended for dancers who wish to continue to participate in full-length ballet productions and many lead roles require pointe shoes, there are many other roles available in all of our productions.

Q: I have another commitment on the day of the audition, can I audition at another time?
A: Maybe. Please email to see if one can be scheduled. Understand that auditioning in person during the audition is always best.

Q: What are the costs involved in participating in an NPB production?
A: Audition fee is $10 or $15, make sure to pre-register to get the $10 rate! All students who participate pay a production fee that ranges from $95 (youngest dancers with the least rehearsal time) to $165 (advanced dancers with the most rehearsal time) that helps to cover costs related to the training they receive during the production season, including instruction, coaching, studio rental, etc. Dancers are also required to provide their own tights, shoes and under-garments for their costume, although the actual costumes are purchases and owned by NPB.

Student Auditions for "The Nutcracker" will be held at JRDS Studios, 34869 Lorain Rd. in North Ridgeville

Saturday, July 29

$15 Audition fee at the door

Please arrive early to fill out paperwork

10:00 am- Ages 6-10

To Pre-register and save $5 on audition fee, click HERE or email

11:15 am- Ages 11 & up

To Pre-register and save $5 on audition fee, click HERE or email

Actors wishing to audition should schedule a private reading by emailing

Gymnasts wishing to audition should attend the audition for their age group and prepare 3 tumbling passes to show directors after the dance audition.